Trump has suspended the tariffs indefinitely after the US, Mexico deals on immigration

President Donald Trump said he will leave plans for tariffs on Mexico because he has been threatening to promise new steps to stop the flow of illegal migrants from the country in the last one week.

Trump said in a tweet Friday night, “I am happy to inform that the United States has reached a signed agreement with Mexico,” the tariff imposed by the US on Monday against Mexico will be indefinitely Has been suspended for. . ”

According to the deal, according to a joint statement from the two countries, Mexico will extend the deployment of its national defense throughout the country, “giving priority to its southern border. Those seeking asylum crossing in the US will return to Mexico soon where they Will wait for their claims to be resolved, the US agreed to accelerate its consent.

Trump’s decision marked a dramatic turn, when he criticized Mexico that in order to prevent Central American immigrants from getting trapped in the country, the United States decided to win the Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obadder, whose administration was to leave Trump Was putting pressure on. to risk.

This deal reflects the planned 5% tariff of trumpets on all Mexican imports for the United States that the President said that up to 25% by October would increase.

This decision was welcomed by Republicans and others, who had warned the tariff that the US economy would be harmed, would harm the growth of the job and delay the trade agreement between US, Canada and Mexico, known as USMCA or Will thoroughly investigate, which still requires a law amendment.

In a tweet immediately after Trump’s announcement, an Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley said, “came through Mexico.”

Texas Republican representative Kevin Brady said, “I am waiting to work with the administration and my colleagues in the House and Senate to pass the USMCA without any delay,” representative Kevin Brady, a representative Republican, said. a statement.

Sarkastik Response

Chuck Schumer from New York, Democratic leader of the Senate tweeted Trump with a sarcastic response to the deal: “Now that the problem has been solved, I am sure we will not hear any more about it in the future.”

Mexico said that the deal happened on Friday after several days of talks including 12 hours of discussion.

The United States originally demanded that Central American immigrants applied for asylum in Mexico, instead American Mexico withdrew that demand, but agreed to host formally asylum seekers until the US Claims do not process

Mexico’s Foreign Minister, Marcelo Abrard said that the resolution was justified. “We reached some middle point,” said Eberard.

The joint statement issued on Friday said that both sides will work together to implement a “sustainable solution”. The discussion will continue.

‘Heavy price’

In the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, the director of the Mexico Institute, Duncan Wood said that Mexico avoided the tariff but “will pay a heavy price.”

The threat of tariff has created a stir in the markets and has led economists to estimate the increased risk of recession in America, which is the world’s largest economy, because trade between the US and Mexico is very unified. According to Bloomberg Economics, the all-out trade-war will reduce global GDP by 0.8% or by mid-2021 to $ 800 billion.

In recent times, uncertainty and subsequent negotiations caused important movements in Peso, Latin America’s most traded currency. But till the deal was done, the business had ended. It will resume on Sunday afternoon.

There is a steady increase in the number of people and the number of people entering the US-Mexico border. After crossing the southern boundary illegally in May, more than 144,000 people were arrested or Wednesday were refused entry into the US, customs and border security. It is highest in less than five years in a month; The number has increased every month since January.

Trump threatened the tariff on May 30 – the same day the administration tried to send the notice to the Congress and passage of the USMCA, which Trump negotiated to change the North American Free Trade Agreement. Vice President Mike Pains also stumped for the passage of this deal in Canada.


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